What CRLifeSc Insights can do for you

CRLifeSc covers pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices and other relevant biotech markets in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and several Asian countries.

CRLifeSc will help you in your products development, market research and business analysis interviewing key opinion leaders to confirm trends and generate new insights. 

CRLifeSc follows the ethical standards of MRS (Market Research Society) and ICC/ESOMAR. This means that CRLifeSc emphasizes ethical conduct, data privacy, and transparency as well as pursuing the global standards set by ICC/ESOMAR for self-regulation in research, covering data collection, privacy, and professional accountability. On the other hand CRLifeSc has set up a telephone validation procedure to verify the accuracy and consistency of responses provided by participants during surveys or interviews conducted over the phone.

CRLifeSc also produces syndicated and tailor-made market reports that will answer some or most of the following questions, and may open your mind to new ones:

– Which prices can we set for this particular product?

– Is it worth starting this new research line in this market sector?

– What can we achieve with our portfolio products?

– Can we try to reposition this product which has become a problem child?

– Is this market sector interesting to keep on investing?

– What are the other players doing to improve their market shares?

– Where are other players placing their limited resources?

– Is it the best moment for a penetration strategy in that particular market?

– Which are the short, medium and long-term prospects in this market? Which are the latest trends and what are other companies doing to tackle those trends?

– Which is the financial condition of our competitors and how can we use that knowledge in our advantage?

– Which regulatory issues may affect our investments in the medium term and what can we do to take on them?

– Which competitors’ products are stunted?

– How will intellectual property protection affect this market sector? What is the patent status of the most important players’ products? Is it possible to challenge this patented product?

– How can we improve our products to meet clients’ needs?

– What is the potential value of this patent in this market?

– Which are the revenues generated by these products?

– What is the forecast of this market and which are the main drivers and restraints?

– Which are the most relevant end users’ opinions?

among many others.

What is the use of Competitive Intelligence

You need to assess your competitors’ strategies, define the competitive landscape, discover and assess trends in the industry and identify new opportunities. When combined with internal firm analysis it can give a complete picture to take decisions and achieve goals. It can help you to increase revenues and save time.

Market intelligence will help you create an appropriate value chain in your organization (Inbound logistics, Operations, Outbound logistics, Marketing and Sales, Service, Firm Infrastructure, Human Resources and Technology). In each market report you will find tips and tactics intended to improve your company’s performance based on the current and most possible future trends and you will also be able to infer them from the context.

CRLifeSc reports are intended to help you create an appropriate strategy for your organization, with an effective market assessment and analysis that will guide you in your decision making process. A PEST (Political, Economic, Sociological/Demographic and Technological Analysis) is included in each market report, which is frequently ignored despite the fact of its importance. In respect to Intellectual Property protection issues the only way to get to know the real value of a patent filed is having the necessary information contained in a market intelligence report.

The well known Porter’s analytical framework is also included and analysed when relevant: 1. Barriers to entry, 2. Threats of substitute products and services, 3. Bargaining powers of supply, 4. Bargaining power of consumers/buyers, 5. Rivalry among competitors.

Some competitors look too strong to be attacked due to their huge financial resources whilst others pretend to look like that. For this reason it is extremely important to get to know your competitors’ SWOT that will also be included when they are pertinent.

In summary, reading a strategic market report before taking decisions may be very profitable.