CIntellect is a new organization that utilizes the skills and expertise of a select collaborative group of individuals and companies with extensive and applicable competence in the provision of independent market studies and consulting services to clients in the therapeutic drugs, diagnostics and medical devices industries.

CIntellect’s purpose is to harvest and blend knowledge based on the views of a horizontal cross section of experts rather than the opinions and conclusions of a single analyst, and to maintain contact with the most relevant authorities in the different subject matters to form a consensus opinion.

CIntellect members improve the quality and performance of their work by contrasting opinions and data and strive to make use of the latest and most advanced technologies and trends to provide holistic and unbiased assessments that help clients to reach useful conclusions. Investors, industry professionals and other interested stakeholders can rest assured that they will have a weighed and reliable information resource guaranteed from any of its members to take better informed decisions and to establish appropriate tactics and strategies.

CIntellect experts within the founding companies CRLifeSc and Veracity Health aim, within the first phase of the development of the group, to produce a series of in-depth yet succinct strategic market intelligence reports highlighting key developments and growth opportunities in a range of carefully selected topics.

In summary, CIntellect intends to be a future reference for market research and business intelligence in the Life Sciences industries.