English Course for the Pharmaceutical Industry



Welcome to Our English Course for the Pharmaceutical Industry!

Are you ready to boost your English skills and thrive in the dynamic world of pharmaceuticals? Our specially crafted English course is designed just for you – students with low to middle English language proficiency. Let’s embark on an exciting journey to enhance your communication skills within the pharmaceutical industry!

Course Highlights:

1. Comprehensive Topics:

Our 8-week course covers a range of essential topics tailored for the pharmaceutical industry. From introducing yourself confidently to delving into the intricacies of substance discovery, product development, quality assurance, auditing, testing in live organisms, drug safety, regulatory affairs, and finally, production and packaging – we’ve got it all covered!

2. Language Skills:

Not only will you gain valuable industry knowledge, but you’ll also focus on grammar, vocabulary, and practical language skills. Communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing, as you navigate through various scenarios encountered in the pharmaceutical field.

3. Interactive Learning:

Learning a new language is all about practice! Our course provides plenty of opportunities for you to practice English in real-life situations. Engage in role-playing, discussions, and case studies that simulate situations you may encounter in your pharmaceutical career.

Course Logistics:

1. Duration and Frequency:

The course spans eight weeks, with two engaging hours per week. This manageable schedule allows you to balance your learning with your busy student or professional life.

2. Online Platform:

Convenience is key! Join our virtual classroom through an internet platform, accessible from the comfort of your home or office. Experience interactive sessions and connect with peers from across the globe.

3. Small Class Size:

To ensure personalized attention, each class has a maximum of four students. This intimate setting fosters a supportive learning environment, allowing you to actively participate and receive individualized feedback.

4. Teachers:

To ensure the quality of the course, your teacher/s will meet the following requirements:

· CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL certified

· Graduated in Life Sciences (chemists, pharmacists, biochemists, biologists, molecular biologists, etc.)

· At least 10 years’ international experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Before diving into this enriching experience, make sure you have:

  • A minimum A2 level in English.
  • A stable internet connection.

Why Choose Our Course?

Industry-Relevant Content:

Learn language skills tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical sector.

Practical Application:

Apply your language skills in real-world scenarios encountered in the industry.

Personalized Attention:

Benefit from small class sizes for enhanced interaction and learning.

Flexible Schedule:

Fit your language learning seamlessly into your professional life.

Global Network:

Connect with peers from diverse backgrounds, expanding your professional network.

Enroll Today:

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your English skills to the next level while immersing yourself in the pharmaceutical world. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, our course is tailored just for you. Join us and unlock the doors to effective communication in the pharmaceutical industry!

Enroll now and take the first step towards a successful career in the pharmaceutical field!


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