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Where Marketing and Scientific Knowledge Merge

Life sciences are one of the fundamental pillars of human knowledge that have contributed so much to the development of better societies and mankind. Pharmaceutical and biotech industries (pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices and other related industries) have become one of the most important high-tech markets in which emerging and developed countries have based their economic growth.

Investing in life sciences conveys high financial risks but it can yield high profits with the highest return on investments. Marketing tools and latest technologies fitted into life sciences knowledge are extremely important in order to be competitive and make this knowledge profitable.

Nowadays to remain competitive in the healthcare industry investors, entrepreneurs and company professionals must know very well their own trade, their competitors,  the state-of-the-art , possible market niches for business development, market needs and the business environment in general. Information is vital to weather economic downturns and adverse industry trends.  You need to know very well your competitors’ products, prices, positioning, regulations, market trends, intellectual property, stockholders’ opinions…

Globalization is already well established in the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical and biotech firms are already parties in this move. In this context many opportunities are arising and competitiveness obviously aids growth benefiting society whilst companies run higher risks to make profits. Competitive intelligence plays a hugely noteworthy role.

Sometimes professionals are overwhelmed with excessive and often contradictory information that is dispersed and due to a lack of time and resources to keep on researching they may take wrong decisions.

CRLifeSc Insights Purpose

CRLifeSc is a consultancy that forms part of CIntellect made up of collaborating professionals with sound experience in market research and analysis as well as strategic marketing that continuously monitors diagnostics, medical devices and pharmaceutical and biotech market sectors to produce tailor-made and independent syndicated reports that contain an updated high quality and contrasted overview as well as in-depth key qualitative and quantitative facts, trends, figures and relevant insights that will help you plan your market strategies and tactics. In the current global economic climate you need more than ever reliable facts and figures to take decisions. Keeping up to date will allow you to monitor and modify, if needed, the elements of the marketing strategy. CRLifeSc reports gauges industry expert opinion through primary and secondary research and analyzes facts and figures taking into account individual and global economic, financial and regulatory issues that influence so much the healthcare industry.

CRLifeSc pretends to help its customers to save money and time gathering relevant information to produce high quality reports easy to understand for lay people whilst at the same time fulfilling those experts in the field who need to know more and take into account other professionals’ feelings. The reports are generally written in a lay manner and at the same time interesting enough for those who are familiarized or skilled in the area, making use of deep scientific knowledge and marketing, financial, regulatory and economic tools explained with graphics brought about in the simplest possible way when necessary.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor, a CEO, a product manager or a professional in the field, you will find CRLifeSc reports very useful to tackle all the questions you have related to a particular market sector. The reports are also intended to open minds and look for new business opportunities within the market providing the reader with the necessary competitive intelligence to take decisions with a high level of confidence.

All in all CRLifeSc is committed to make life sciences knowledge profitable making use of marketing and economic tools.

Information for the general public

CRLifeSc intends to find a middle point between  healthcare industry professionals, scientists and the general public, for which articles and posts published in this site are produced attempting the most possible accurate information obtained from the most reliable sources in an unbiased fashion. Please see section related to Terms of Use.

CRLifeSc makes use of affiliate marketing in order to upkeep this site, for which it receives small amounts of money for the promotion of certain products. Please see section related to Cookie Policy.

JM Cejudo, MSc in Biological Sciences (Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry) is an Industry Analyst and Lead Consultant in the healthcare sector. He has more than 20 years’ international experience working for relevant healthcare companies in sales and business development as well as market research and analysis in the biopharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical devices industries. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.